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Ref Title Author(s) Type Add to
O1 Independent Functional Assessment: a future development in occupational health A. T. Byrne Oral
O2 Shell Health Management in the Oil and Gas Projects in Iraq W. Ponsonby Oral
O3 What Has Occupational Health Learned from Accreditation so Far? S. E. L. Coomber, D. Cahill Oral
O4 Evidence-based Clinical Quality Indicators for Occupational Health Services in the NHS R. Stilz, A. Baker,I. Madan Oral
O5 Assessment of Working-Age Adults for Occupational Asthma in Primary Care G. I. Walters, E. E. McGrath, J. G. Ayres Oral
O6 Investigating Effects of Reporters' Characteristics in the Health and Occupation Research Network (THOR) S. Turner, R. McNamee, S.J. Stocks , R. Agius Oral
O7 Factors Influencing the Uptake of Swine Influenza (H1N12009 ) Vaccination in Health Care Workers of an Acute NHS Hospital Trust: a questionnaire study J. Pranesh, H. Paterson Oral
O8 Costs and Benefits of Implementing a Pneumococcal Vaccination Programme for Welders in Great Britain Y. Chen, I. Spencer, D. Sen Oral
O9 Incidence and Pathophysiology of Exertional Heat Illness in Parachute Regiment Trainees J. Bilzon, R. M. Izard, J. P. Greeves, N. P. Walsh Oral
O10 The Prevalence of Asthma among Cleaners in United Kingdom S. Al-fajjam, C. Stenton, T. Pless-Molluli, D. Howel Oral
P1 Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Serving the Scottish Whole Time Firefighters from 1984-2005 C. W. Ide tab press P Poster
P2 Sicknote Certification and Hospital Doctor Training: an Audit V. R. C. Alexander Poster
P3 Association of Post-Exposure Stress and Stigma to Occupational HIV Exposure: a cross-cultural comparison M. Zaidi, R. Griffiths Poster
P4 An Overview of Workers Compensation Systems: Canada, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates M. Zaidi, R. Griffiths, M. Macky Poster
P5 Death in Service Greater Glasgow & Clyde: 2007-2009 K. E. Freer, E. Waclawski Poster
P6 Does Employability Improve Following Bariatric Surgery? (A Pilot Study) K. E. Freer, E. Waclawski Poster
P7 The Role of CDT in the Clinical Management of Alcohol Misuse in an Occupational Setting S. Nasir, S. J. Ryder Poster
P8 Employment after Liver Transplant in Adults E. Waclawski, P. Noone Poster
P9 The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Trust, Occupational Health and Well-Being Service Deliberate Self-Harm and Suicide Care Pathway K. Hass, H. Paterson, L. Cameron, R. Fagg, B. Goodfellow, L. Maunder Poster
P10 What Defines a Complex Case for Occupational Health? S. E. L. Coomber, J. San Segundo Sanchez, W. Taylor Poster
P11 Evaluation of RAF Aircrew Candidate Blood Testing E. P. Lashbrooke, M. J. Braithwaite Poster
P12 Can Waste Recycling Damage Your Health? A Systematic Review of Occupational Health Effects amongst Compost Workers J. Sarang, E. Littlewood Poster
P13 Implementation and Usefulness of Occupational Health Practitioner (OHP ) Recommendations Following Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment: employee and manager's view A. Hashtroudi, S. Williams, X. Huang Poster
P14 London Confederation of Occupational Health Practitioners (LCOHP) Audit of Compliance with National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidance on Tuberculosis (TB) J. Sharpey-Schafer, A. Hahtroudi Poster
P15 A Pyramid of Intervention in Scotland F. Macauley, A. MacKenzie, S. Ryder Poster
P16 Delivering a Five-Tier Psychological Service in an NHS Occupational Health Department F. Macauley, A. MacKenzie, S. J. Ryder Poster
P17 A Quality Review of Healthcare Workers' Uptake of an Attitude Towards Influenza Vaccination Following the 2009 Pandemic P. Lewthwaite, D. Major, E. Kemp, K. Campion, B. Blackburn, K. Sarangi Poster
P18 Motivating Factors and Barriers to Remain at Work beyond Normal Retirement Age: employers' and employees' views Y. E. Oey Poster
P19 Productive Ageing in Vienna G. A. Hedenetz Poster
P20 MoHaWK: A National Clinical Registry for Occupational Health R. M. Preece Poster
P21 Screening Healthcare Workers with Interferon-Gamma Release Essays with vs. Tuberculin Skin-Test: Impact on Costs and Adherence to Testing (The Switch Study) P. Wrighton-Smith, L. Sneed, F. Humphrey, X. Tao, E. J. Bernaki Poster
P22 Means of Assessing Work Ability among Ageing Workforce: the WAI Dr Kanaan Kanaan Poster
S1 Ageing and Health and Safety R. Farrow Speech
S2 Sicknote Certification and Hospital Doctor Training: an audit D. R. C. Alexander Speech
S3 Keeping People Well for Work - Reforming Sickness Absence C. Black Speech
S4 Shiftwork and Safety S. Folkard Speech
S5 Falling Asleep on the Job - An Overview of Excessive Sleepiness P. Reading Speech
S6 Long-Term Effects of Shift Work L. Rushton Speech
S7 Adult Life and Childhood Disease: childhood asthma G. Devereux Speech
S8 Bioterrorism and the Occupational Physician B. Jefferson Speech
S9 Revalidation and Appraisal E. Murphy Speech
S10 Current Concepts in Hip and Knee Replacement N. Brewster Speech
S11 Updates in Hepatitis B & C Screening & Treatment of Infected Healthcare Workers E. Murphy, M. Bassendine Speech
S12 Childhood Diseases and Adult Life: Cystic fibrosis K. Targett Speech
S13 Communication in Occupational Medicine N. Williams Speech
S14 Why Do Birds Sing in the Morning? S. Ball Speech